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City of Water, Sea of Glass

On 11679749Friday, January 29th at 8:00 PM, Redshift Music Society presents City of Water, Sea of Glass, a performance installation of original musical instruments and world premiere compositions in Vancouver’s Waterfall Building. Over the past two years, Redshift, in association with This Is It Design, has curated a collaboration between some of BC’s most innovative composers and visual artists to develop strikingly original percussion instruments made of water and glass, materials that play a key role in defining Vancouver’s soundscape. Under the virtuoso mallets of the all-star Fringe Percussion quartet, these works of art by Robert Studer, Heather Konschuh, and Benton Roark make their debut along with world premiere compositions by Roark, Nova Pon, Chris Reiche, Christiaan Venter, and Mariah Mennie. The evening also features past works from the glass percussion repertory, culminating in the Vancouver premiere of Water Music, a virtuoso quartet for amplified water bowls and an assortment of rare and beautiful instruments by the renowned Chinese composer Tan Dun.



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