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Panorama, dramatic short; Tinu Sinha, writer/director/producer, 2010
Niagara Indie Film Festival, 2011

Manipulating the Heart, dramatic short; Barry May, writer/director/producer, 2008

Citadel, dramatic short, Tinu Sinha, writer/director/producer, 2008
Niagara Falls Film Festival

Shaw “Making it Happen” commercial; Carmen Salerno, producer, 2008
Aired across Western Canada

Binty, documentary short; Armen Evrenesel, director,  2007
Whistler International Film Festival, 2008 Vail Film Festival Winner

Alberta’s Promise “Potential” commerical, Jamie Watson, producer, 2007
Aired across Alberta

The End, feature-length film, co-scored with Nova Pon; Jeremy Thomas, writer/director/producer 2007
Calgary International Film Festival, Cinequest, Fantasia film festival, International Film Festival of England, Eugene International Film Festival, Edmonton International Film Festival, Netflix distribution.

The Sheik, scene from a silent movie for Victory Symphony “Reel Music 2”, 2007

Ancient Peru Unearthed, documentary short; Marc Macphereson, producer/director, 2006
Toured Canadian museums as part of an artifact exhibit of the same name

Wake of a War Bride, documentary short; Collen Sharpe, producer/director,2006
Calgary International Film Festival,

Infinite Depth, dramatic short; Tim Mooney, writer/director, 2005
Calgary International Film Festival

Peculiar Planet, dramatic short, Trevor Alberts, writer/director/producer, 2005

New University Television, credits, news stories, bumpers, 1999-2001